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Employ full use of our qualified technicians, who will diagnose what the problem is and provide you with the options that best suit your needs and budget, giving you peace of mind and getting you back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We design, produce, and supply quality suspension products. We take care of all your needs for ball joints, shock absorbers, control arms, and tie rod ends, and other suspension parts.

Shock Absorbers

Dalkeith shock absorbers adjust dynamically to road conditions, keeping the vehicle's motion in check for the safety and comfort of all passengers. Equipped with a chrome-plated steel piston rod for maximal corrosion-resistance and world-class rubber oil seals for dependable impermeability, be guaranteed of only the highest quality materials. Take advantage of our expertise in this area by visiting one of your nearest Dalkeith fitment centres, where one of our professional and friendly dealers will assist you in checking your vehicle's shocks and whether you need a replacement shock

Steering Knuckles

Steering knuckles contain wheel hubs or spindles, and attach to the suspension components of a vehicle. Made from nodular cast iron, forged steel and Aluminum, the components are critical to front suspension safety, we offer quality surface finishes, precision radii and perfect machined flatness . Link up with Dalkeith engineering and ensure you secure your safety and that of your passengers .

Rubber Bushes

Rubber Bush main purpose is to serve as an interface between two parts, acting as a buffer and absorbing some of the energy produced by their interaction . It acts as a separation mechanism between the two parts while allowing a limited amount of movement, thus minimizing vibration and even noise. Rubber bushes can be used for various industrial and anti-vibration purposes., Dalkeith manufactures and supplies top quality rubber bushes in all shapes and sizes according to customer's requirements.

Tie Rod Ends

Strong, reliable steering connections are vital to vehicle safety. Strength is the most important characteristic of any quality tie rod end irregardless of road or load conditions, the part must help the driver maintain consistent, safe steering control. To meet this objective, our tie rod ends are manufactured exclusively from highly durable, premium-grade steel. Dalkeith tie rod ends offer the strength, durability and precision every driver counts on. Our engineers specify the latest ultra-low-friction, high-performance ball sockets for each tie rod end and axial rod

Ball Joints

Delkeith Engineering’s suspension and steering ball joints are designed and manufactured in a range of sizes to meet the demands of both road going and off highway vehicles. Our joints are designed to meet the harshest under chassis environments of the military, bus and coach sectors. Years of development ensures our products perform to the highest levels in fatigue, wear and environmental protection.


Dalkeith has been one of the world’s leading automotive spring manufacturers, providing reliable and durable parts for long-life and dependability. These parts are used in a variety of mission critical applications, where performance, reliability and lifespan are essential. Our automotive springs, wire forms and stampings are formed using a variety of materials, often selected based on the application and environment. Many of our automotive components undergo secondary processes, such as shot-peening, heat treating and powder coating to maximize their capabilities and performance.

Other Suspension Components

-Control Arms

-Wheel Hubs


-King Pin Sets

-Engine Mountings

-Brake Pads

-Stabiliser Links

-Brake Shoes

-Bump Stops

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